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News - January 24th, 2007

Introducing the new Folkology website

I am very excited to announce the all new Folkology website. Not just a redesign - a new collection of unique Hungarian crafts and cultural items are now available, along with our classic cross stitch selection. Visit the new folkology.com now!

Folkology grew out of this very website, hungariansoup.com. Folkology creates counted cross stitch patterns based on authentic folk craft cross stitch traditions of Hungary. The original designs are adapted into easy to read counted pattern sheets, complete with DMC and Anchor numbers for thread colors, and explanations if the design uses special stitches or techniques. See and buy them here! Since December 2006 Folkology also carries other crafts and cultural products from Hungary besides our cross stitch line.

This website is all about Hungary. You can learn all about it, its culture and history, learn to cook authentic Hungarian dishes (and get your own Hungarian cookbook), as well as try authentic Hungarian card games you have probably never heard of before. And a lot more. Cross stitch? Embroidery? Classical music? Fortune telling cards? Explore the site and you will find these and much more!


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