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Fortune telling has been there since playing cards exist, but it gained popularity in the Age of Enlightement and has remained a popular activity ever since. You can tell fortune with many types of cards.

One not widely known possibility is with regular Hungarian-type playing cards. This is a very basic method, but is fun and easy to follow.

There are also the very popular Tarot cards. There are any number of designs out there that you can buy but take a look at what i show you: The Ludvig Tarot. It has been designed for the Hungarian Tarot Design Competition in 1998 and won the grand prize. No wonder! It is very beautifully drawn. The designer is Zsuzsa Ludvig, hence the name of the deck. Here are couple of photos of the deck. You can buy this rare deck in shop.


[ Click on images to enlarge ]

And last, but not least, the gipsy fortune telling cards. There is one deck i frequently have for auction, which is delightful deck with traditional card designs. Here is one possible way of telling your fortune with the gipsy fortune telling card deck. It is called the

[ Click on images to enlarge ]

The Gipsy's Answer

It is a Q&A style fortune telling technique, where the inquirer asks 2 questions that (s)he seeks answer to. Keep in mind that fortune telling is about getting answers to broad questions and problems, rather than seeking dates, numbers, and exact answers to your specific questions. Ask general questions about a part of your life, about a problem or a person, but don't go into very specific details. Fortune telling rather than giving you exact solutions, gives you a prespective, something to hold on to and start with, something which you can use to think about your own life, part, present and future and make decisions based on you true self.

The bottom row is about the answer to the questions. The cards on the right side are about the future, the left side about the past, and the top row is about the present.

Have fun and good luck!
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