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Hungarian playing cards, or magyar kártya offer a wealth of possibilities to invent new games and to adapt the card games you play with other decks for these very ornate cards.
Below you can read the rules of three games that can be played with this deck. (Buy a deck of cards from my shop if you don't yet have one to play with.) These games originate in Hungary or are Hungarian versions of international games.
Makaň - Macau
Did you know that you can play Uno with a deck of Tell cards? And it's as much fun as the commercial game that the world is in love with.

The game originates in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, in South-East Asia. The portuguese colonial officers started playing this game in the 19th century. The version i know and enjoy playing is slightly different from the original gambling version of the game. Here are the rules:

2-4 players, one deck of Tell cards (32 cards)

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards first.
After shuffling the cards, each player is dealt 5 cards. The rest of the cards is the deck. The top card of the deck is flipped, and play proceeds clockwise with the person next to the dealer. Each person either plays a card that matches the top card's rank or suit or draws one card from the deck. If a player plays his card and there is only one last card remaining in his hand, he must say Macao. If he forgets, he must draw a penalty of two cards. If a player does't have a suitable card (matching rank or suit), but has an Ace, he can play that and choose the suit. If the Ace was his last card, the other players double their penalty points (the value of the cards that remained in their hands) So the special cards are the following:
Ace - can be played any time and the player must ask for a suit
7 - next player draws two (or plays a 7 and the next person draws 4 etc.)
9 - the direction of the game is turned

Winner is the player who gets rid of his cards first.

You can also invent more rules and designate more special cards familiar from the Uno game, like "Draw 4", "Skip a player" etc.

The most popular card game in Hungary, also known as the national card game of the country. It was developed in the 20th century from the traditions and rules of the 18h century's "Marias" and the 19th century's "Talonmarias" (also known as "simple ulti" games. Three players play with one deck of the Tell cards.
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Widely known in the former Austro-Hungarian empire, and still very popular in Hungary. It is a close relative of internationally played games like sixty-six, Schnapsen, mariage and lots of others. To play this game you have to take the number cards from your deck and only play with 20 cads, the Unders, Overs, Kings and Aces.
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Fortune telling with "magyar kártya"
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