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Fortune telling with Hungarian playing cards

There are beautiful Hungarian Tarot and Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards that you can use to glimpse into the future, but a simple deck of Hungarian palying cards can also be used for that. Here are the rules for fortune telling with a deck of "magyar kartya".

Take the card that you are interested in. For example if you want to get clues on your love life, take the bells Ace, on your work life, take the acorn 10, and so on. Shuffle the cards, and draw 6, 7 or 8 (decide which number you want). Lay the cards around the first taken card clockwise. Read the meaning of the cards as listed below:

Meaning of the cards:

Ace: Partners, marriage
King: Husband, Father; if together with acorns 8: Doctor
Upper Jack: Wife, Mother
Lower Jack: Good luck, things get better
10: Time-card, means about 6 months; if together with Hearts 9: Travel; if together with Hearts 9 and Bells 9: International Travel
9: Time-card, means about 3 months; if together with Hearts 9: Shorter or domestic trip
8: Change; if together with Hearts 8 or Bells Lower Jack: Positive Change; if together with Acorns 7, 8 or Lower Jack: Negative Change
7: TIme card, means 6 weeks at most.

Ace: Surprise, Shock; if together with Bells Lower Jack or Hearts Ace: Pleasant; if together with Acorns 7, 8 or Lower Jack: Unpleasant
King: Divorced Husband, Widow, Lawyer, Officer; if together with Bells King: Courthouse
Upper Jack: Widow or divorced wife
Lower Jack: Deceit, mishap, envy, troubles
10: Work, carreer, service, business
9: Unawaited, sudden happenings
8: Toruble, Pain; if together with Bells King: Illness
7: Tears, worries, troubles, concerns

Ace: Meeting with strangers; if together with Bells King and Acorns 8: Hospital; if together with Bells King and Acorns King: Courthouse
King: Loved, most important man in close bond, or wedded
Upper Jack: Loved, most important woman in close bond, or wedded
Lower Jack: Thoughts of a beloved person
10: Family affairs; if together with Bells Ace: Wedding
9: Home, Apartment, internatl affairs; if together with Hearts Ace: Change of residence
8: Intent card, positive card
7: Love, emotions

Ace: News, letter, documents
King: Single man, boy child
Upper Jack: Single woman, girl child
Lower Jack: Thoughts of a single man
10: Larger sum of money; if together with Leaves: Huge sum of money
9: Smaller sum of money
8: Certainty
7: Child; if together with Leaves Upper Jack: Girl; if together with Leaves King or Lower Jack: Boy, or sexuality regarding the partner

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