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Budapest has been called the "Paris of the east" since the 19th century... but i don't think that's fair. I think Budapest is unique and it may be very beautiful, just like Paris, but it certainly is nothing like Paris at all ... it's Budapest. There are so many tourist guides, websites, photos and images of Budapest on the web, i tired to give you something unique. Here is why i love Budapest...

I am also working on a comprehensive guidebook to Budapest. The text is all ready for you to read, now i am taking photos and building it all into a website.
If you look at a guidebook cover or a map cover or a postcard, you're probably shown one of these sights. In most cases it's a combination of any of these. The explanation? These are the sights that characterize the center of the city. So what are these?

The Chain Bridge
First of all, the Chainbridge. *The* famous bridge of Budapest. Built in the last century, survived the WW's of this century and remains one of the symbols of the city. It really is present on all postcards. :)

The Parliament
Then the Parliament building. Not far from the bridge, on the bank of the Danube, a lovely sight especially at dawn. Because it's built of white marmor bricks the sun's rays color it beautifully like a giant coloring book image that can be redrawn all the time.
The blue Danube
And of course the River Danube itself. Flowing majestically day to day. Sometimes gorgeous blue sometimes only blueish, sometimes rather grey... it depends on what colors the clouds are. :) But always beautiful with its 9 bridges.

  The Castle
The castle district with the old Castle. Old, old, older than you'd think it is, survived all ages and dinasties. High above the city, just like the...

The Gellert Hill
  Gellért Hill. My favourite place in the city. Unique. Imagine that you can walk 10 minutes from your home and sit at the top of the city, with the whole wide view of the gorgeous Danube and its bridges all below your feet. I am fortunate enough to live near this hill. It's great!

Now if you want to see more... check out this website where you can learn lots more about the city. [in new window]
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