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A quick review of Hungarian gastronomy
Chances are you've heard of Goulash soup (actually spelled gulyás in Hungary) and Chicken Parikás. But have you heard of cottage cheese noodles or the magnificent Plum Dumplings? Do you know how what "Pörkölt" is?

Hungary is famous for its very distinct flavors, mainly due to the generous use of Paprika and other strong spices. Hungarian food may also be a tiny bit too "heavy" or fatty for those accustomed to more toned down dishes. But don't get the impression that everything is soaking in pork fat and smells of heaps of onions and paprika here. It is a fact that the above mentioned ingredients give the Hungarian dishes their unique taste when portioned or substituted properly, but with the dawn of health-contious nutrition and vegetarianism, there are plenty of options to eat healthy but flavourful dishes, the traditional recipes have been modernised.

Definitely the mascot spice of Hungary. You can obtain Hungarian paprika in most well-stocked supermarkets and specialty food stores. It comes in two varieties "eros" (hot) or "csemege Údes" (delicate). Experiment with dosage as the hot variety can give a dish a fiery hot taste, which is indeed very popular in Hungary, but may be a bit too much if you're not used to such strong flavors. The delicate type is often used generously, several spoonfuls in stews and soups, and gives the dish the distinct red color and a very good taste. As a general rule, when cooking always use the delicate type and only add the hot type when the dish is ready, to flavor after cooking.

Beyond paprika
But let's leave paprika for a bit. There is an aboundance of authentic and unique dishes in Hungary that do not fit the "cliche" of hot and spicy. There are sweet main dishes like Plum dumplings. There are desserts like SomlÓi Galuska. There are vegetable stews not usually known in North America. There is green bean soup. There is so much more. Get a cookbook and explore.

Vegetable dishes
Because Hungarian food is so famous for its paprika and the meat dishes, there is not much talk of options for vegetarians, who want to try authentic Hungarian falvors. This is why i created a special section dedicated to Vegetarian Hungarian Dishes
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